5G - State of Play

2 Savoy Place, London, WC2R0BL 24th January 2018

5GDiscover latest innovations in 5G technology, Network with leading industry and academic experts and understand the key challenges and issues of 5G technology

5G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP) which was launched in 2013 has put Europe clearly in the forefront of the current research phase. The research results are now feeding the global standardisation process and being used to prepare the first large scale trials and demonstrators in Europe, in cooperation with several key sectors. 5G will usher in new types of applications requiring unprecedented bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and massive sensing. The one-day conference is on the state-of-play in the development of 5G technology. The event will focus on systems, standards, and policies needed to bring 5G to market. Perspectives, challenges, opportunities and solutions from telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, policymakers, and academics will be shared in an effort to bring this technology to fruition by 2020.The event also provides a valuable opportunity to meet and interact with the 5G drivers in terms of wireless industry, players, researchers and stakeholders.

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January 24 January 24