Pangea’s 5G router is here to transform UK businesses

8 September 2020

5G router by Pancrea

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you’ll know that 5G is a big deal for business, and Pangea - a leading provider of global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity - has just launched a 5G router that will help businesses start to take advantage of the tech.

This 5G router, shown above, will work on any UK network (and many of those outside the UK), and it offers very high speeds – in tests the company averaged 270Mbps in London, and they claim an average latency of just 17 milliseconds (ms) on 5G.

It’s also suited to almost any environment – it’s rugged, so can be set up outdoors, whether in nature or a busy urban environment, and with six external antennas you can get boosted connectivity indoors.

It’s also very easy to set this 5G router up – just insert a 5G SIM card, turn the router on, wait for it to connect, and then plug an ethernet cable in to configure a few settings – or Pangea can do all that before sending it out.

Endless potential

It’s a device that could benefit almost any business or industry too, from providing fast connectivity to rural construction sites, temporary offices and pop-up shops, to powering autonomous factories, remote healthcare, and more.

Many of these businesses need high speeds, low latency (for real time responses) and good reliability, and 5G can offer all of those things.

So whether you need to transfer large CAD renders on a construction site, run a video conference from a portacabin, or even take people out of the equation and give machines the power to run things on their own, a 5G router could be the best option – especially in places where fixed line connectivity is limited.

And Pangea’s router is so simple that it’s basically plug-and-play, making same day deployment realistic.

This router of course isn’t aimed at consumers, and it’s only available to Pangea’s partners, but it and other devices like it could play a big role in improving the efficiency of businesses, and even opening up whole new use cases. And if you want a 5G router for personal use, well, there are already plenty of 5G home broadband routers.

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