5G White Papers

A range of 5G White Papers which are free to view.

If you'd like us to list your white paper please email info@5G.co.uk.

802.11ax will fast track 5G use cases by several years

Next-generation Wi-Fi technology 802.11ax could facilitate the delivery of some 5G use cases earlier

How local government can help to build mobile Britain

5G could result in the opportunity to create £173 billion of UK GDP growth over a ten-year period

Study on UHF Band (694 – 960 MHz)

Study on the practical feasibility of defragmentation of the UHF band 694 - 960 MHz.

5G and Industrial Automation

The emergent “fourth industrial revolution” will have a profound impact on both industry and societ

High performance wireless broadband

High performance wireless broadband: an opportunity for rural and enterprise 5G

Road to 5G: Introduction and Migration Whitepaper

How mobile operators can migrate towards a full 5G network

The value of 5G for cities and communities

5G will provide a new level of underlying connectivity to transform services and create new digital

Traffic Control and Everything-to-Vehicle (V2X) Communications

How V2X Improves Driving Safety and Traffic Flow

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