5G White Papers

A range of 5G White Papers which are free to view.

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High performance wireless broadband

High performance wireless broadband: an opportunity for rural and enterprise 5G

Road to 5G: Introduction and Migration Whitepaper

How mobile operators can migrate towards a full 5G network

The value of 5G for cities and communities

5G will provide a new level of underlying connectivity to transform services and create new digital

Traffic Control and Everything-to-Vehicle (V2X) Communications

How V2X Improves Driving Safety and Traffic Flow

The challenges and benefits of 5G network slicing

Dynamic end-to-end 5G network slicing could be key to 5G network profitability

Practical examples of how 5G will transform the world

What benefits will 5G actually bring?

5G Readiness Survey 2017

An assessment of operators’ progress on the road to 5G

5G Networks – The Role of Wi-Fi and Unlicensed Technologies

Provides initial assessment on how Wi-Fi and other unlicensed technologies will contribute to 5G