5G White Papers

A range of 5G White Papers which are free to view.

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5G security – scenarios and solutions

Security and privacy are cornerstones for 5G to become a platform for the Networked Society.

5G deployment models are crystallizing

Opportunities for telecom operators to facilitate new business ecosystems

5G PPP Phase 1 Security Landscape

This white paper describes the 5G PPP Security Landscape of Phase 1 projects.

5G Radio Access : Capabilities and Technologies

The capabilities of 5G wireless access must extend far beyond previous generations of mobile.

Cognitive Network Management for 5G

The Network Management and QoS WG has issued a draft whitepapaper.

5G PPP use cases and performance evaluation models

A comprehensive assessment of the 5G use cases and models originating from 5G-PPP

Laying the foundations for next generation mobile...

Ofcom is working to enable future mobile services, including 5G.

SK Telecom 5G Whitepaper

SK Telecoms view on 5G view, architecture, technology and spectrum.