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O2 5G SIM Only Deals

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Triple SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano)

Micro SIM card
150GB Data
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
12 month contract
£24.00 a month
12 month contract
£24.00 a month
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Why choose O2 5G SIM Only?

The big advantages of a 5G SIM Only plan are cost and flexibility. On the cost front, they come in at far less per month than a contract that includes a handset, since there’s no handset to pay for (though you will need to source a 5G phone from somewhere if you don’t already have one, in order to make use of 5G speeds).

On the flexibility front, they’re often shorter term than handset plans, with O2 offering 5G SIM Only plans of 1, 12 and 18-month durations, while its smartphone plans can last up to 36 months.

On some SIM Only plans O2 makes things even more flexible by letting you upgrade to an ‘O2 Refresh’ plan with a handset after just three months.

O2 5G coverage

O2 offers 5G in a large number of key towns and cities, with plans to expand rapidly. For in-depth information, check out our O2 5G coverage page.

O2 5G speeds

You can expect average 5G speeds in the range of 150-250Mbps, with peak speeds potentially exceeding 1Gbps, and speeds likely to further increase over time. 4G for comparison offers average speeds of around 20-30Mbps.

Added extras

O2 has a network of over 16,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK, and while you don’t have to be a customer to use them, you can benefit from automatic access to many of them if you are a customer – skipping the step of creating an account and logging in. So if there’s no signal or only slow 3G, there will often be a speedy Wi-Fi alternative.

O2 also has a ‘Priority’ app, which includes freebies, discounts, and early access to event tickets.

Plus, O2 also offers its customers both Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling, with the former letting you call and text over Wi-Fi and the latter over 4G.

Some O2 SIM Only plans also come with additional extras, such as six months of Disney Plus.

Data roaming

O2’s 5G SIM Only plans all let you roam in 48 European destinations at no extra cost, and many of its SIM Only plans also let you roam for free in a further 27 locations, including the likes of the US, Canada and Australia.


O2 lets you share your data allowance with other devices, turning your phone into something of a 5G broadband device, so you can get tablets, laptops and the like online when there’s no Wi-Fi.

How can I keep my number when switching?

To keep your number when switching you just need to give O2 your PAC code. You can do this either while placing an order, or after your new SIM card has arrived. If you do the latter then you can either fill in an online form or give O2 a call.

Once you’ve given O2 your PAC code, the number transfer will generally happen within one working day.

As for getting your PAC code, all you have to do is text the word ‘PAC’ and your date of birth (in the format DDMMYY) to 65075, from the number that you want to keep. Alternatively you can call your old network and ask for it.

Note that you shouldn’t manually close your account with your old network – porting your number will do that anyway, and if you close the account before porting then you might not be able to keep your number.

Which size SIM will I get?

O2 will provide a SIM card that’s suitable for any SIM card slot size, you’ll just have to pop out the right size when it arrives.

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