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Why choose an iD Mobile phone contract?

iD Mobile uses Three’s network, which means that wherever Three gets coverage iD Mobile customers will too. Right now, that amounts to over 63% UK population coverage for 4G and almost complete coverage for 3G.

iD Mobile also offers low price contracts and more flexibility than most networks, with 1, 12 and 24 month options.

Added extras

Many iD Mobile plans come with Data Rollover, meaning that if you don’t use all of your data it’s added to the next month’s allowance.

There are also ‘ShockProof’ plans, which let you cap your minutes, text and data spend at an amount of your choice, to avoid surprise bills.

Data roaming

iD Mobile’s TakeAway plans include free roaming in 29 countries spanning the globe, allowing you to use your minutes, texts and data in everywhere from France to Australia at no extra cost.


Tethering is not currently allowed on any of iD Mobile’s plans.

How can I keep my number when switching?

Simply request your PAC code from your old network, then log in to your iD account and select ‘My Services’, followed by ‘Keep My Number’.

You’ll then be asked to enter your PAC code and select which day you’d like your number to be ported (this must be a week day). Then enter the current number you want to keep and click ‘Port-in’. If you submit your request before 18:00 you can have it ported the next working day.

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