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What is 5G?

5G is the new fifth generation of mobile networks and it's available in the UK with a number of operators. 5G is much faster and more reliable than 4G, with greater capacity and quicker response times.

How fast is 5G?

5G is rolling out across the UK on every major network and you can expect average 5G download speeds of between roughly 75Mbps – 238Mbps. However, the theoretical maximum is much higher than current speeds.

Who has the best 5G coverage?

EE currently has 5G in the most major towns and cities in the UK. However, coverage varies significantly across the UK and we'd recommend comparing coverage using our tool.

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These are among the UK’s biggest and best mobile networks and retailers, and when shopping through our site you get all the same prices and rights as you would when buying direct from them – including those rights surrounding returns and refunds.

Shopping through simply ensures you get the best possible mobile deal, as our totally independent comparison service contains thousands of deals and is checked and updated every day, to ensure the latest and greatest offers are always visible. With over 11 years of experience at providing mobile deals, you can be confident that we always dig up the best ones.

You’ll also sometimes get even better deals through than if you shopped direct, as at times we offer “exclusive online deals” with better prices or allowances. Outside those deals, our pricing is identical to that offered direct from mobile networks and other retailers.

5G mobile coverage comparison

Choosing the right network is very important to ensure you get the best network coverage and the fastest speeds. However, there are currently twelve operators which have launched 5G in the UK, and to check coverage for all twelve would involve using twelve different coverage checkers.

Our solution is a bespoke coverage checking tool which looks at twelve operators in one go using your postcode. The tool displays which networks have launched 5G in your postcode area, saving you a bagful of time.

To ensure you get the exact coverage result for your precise location, we then direct you to your chosen mobile operator’s coverage checker. That way, you can be assured that you’ll make the right decision.

Our coverage comparison tool compares coverage for the twelve mobile operators which have already launched 5G. To check coverage for these in one go use the checker at top of page or to check a single operator's 5G coverage follow links below. 

Check 5G Coverage

5G phones/ SIMs price comparison

  • Mobile phone deals

Our comparison tool compares 5G phone deals, so you can be confident that every deal you find includes 5G.

If you already know what phone you want, then you can compare the prices across every 5G network, and filter based on the allowances or contract length that you want.

And if you don’t know what phone you want then our deals' comparison can help you there too – simply enter any details that you do know, such as your budget or the network you want to be on, and you’ll find all the phones that fit.

  • SIM only deals

When comparing SIM only deals, you have a choice of getting data, voice and text allowances if you’re planning to use the SIM with a smartphone, or grabbing a data only SIM deal for use with a tablet or mobile broadband device. There are also unlimited data SIMs if you don’t want any restrictions, and our site shows all the best deals for all of these SIM only plan types.

As with our 5G phone deals, these SIM only deals all include 5G, so you just need to pair them with a 5G device.

5G broadband price comparison

5G home broadband is a simpler and often cheaper alternative to fibre broadband, with potentially just as good speeds (or even better in some cases) and no need for a landline or an engineer visit – you just plug and play.

  • Home broadband deals

5G home broadband is available on multiple 5G networks and it removes the need for a landline, potentially saving you money in the process. In some cases you may also be able to get higher speeds than with fixed line broadband.

With 5G home broadband you can also get unlimited data, and you can get up to 64 devices online at once.

  • Mobile broadband deals

5G mobile broadband is also available. This allows you to connect your gadgets (like laptops and tablets) to 5G on the move or when away from a power supply.

Our price comparison expertise

We run three different price comparison websites and they’re all focused on mobile deals, whether that’s smartphones, SIM only, or home and mobile broadband using mobile data. itself has been running since 2014, and it’s operated by a core team that have been in the company for 11 years – and have even more telecoms experience than that.

Many years on from launch and continues to thrive, thanks to offering a quick and easy way to compare not just deals but also network coverage, so buyers can be confident that they’ll have 5G coverage where they need it.

We aim to be a one-stop-site, with these tools being supported by guides to network technologies, plus product reviews, and up to date news, all provided by experienced technical writers. With these, we aim for our readers to have all the information they need to make informed purchases.

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