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5G smartphone sales could hit 100 million in 2021

As many as 100 million 5G-capable phones will be shipped in 2021, according to a new analyst report.

18 April
Three’s IoT team-up with Cisco hints at how businesses will use 5G

Business customers to use Cisco Jasper’s Control Center platform to enhance their Internet of Things

06 April

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The aim of 5G is to bring our readers all the news and relevant facts from the research phase, the development phase and into and beyond the launch of 5G Mobile Networks here in the UK.

We are well versed in this type of arena after launching 3G.co.uk way back in 1999 and 4G.co.uk in 2008. The same team which brought the 3G and 4G websites to you are still mainly in place and we plan to use our experience gained during the Third and Fourth generations of the technology and apply it to our 5G.co.uk website.

The fun begins in earnest now and there are a huge number of companies working away in the background with the intention of launching 5G in the UK sometime in 2020.

Rest assured the team at 5G will be here doing our bit to make sure our readers keep abreast of everything 5G.

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5G could overtake fibre broadband within 10 years

5G could overtake fibre broadband within 10 years

O2 claims that the UK economy will soon gain more from 5G than fixed broadband.

28 March
BT and Nokia collaborate on live VR broadcasts over 5G

BT and Nokia collaborate on live VR broadcasts over 5G

Showcase demonstrates how 5G will be able to facilitate live virtual reality broadcasts

08 March
Samsung and Arqiva team up for UK’s first 5G Fixed Wireless Access trial

Samsung and Arqiva team up for UK’s first 5G Fixed Wireless Access...

Samsung has teamed up with British telecoms infrastructure company...

28 February
Why 5G could be as big as the internet

Why 5G could be as big as the internet

5G’s impact on the world economy will be comparable to electricity and the internet.

27 February
5G World 2017


13 June 2017

5G TV - Everything you need to know

5G TV promises to revolutionise the way we experience broadcast media.

How will 5G boost VR and AR?

Augmented and virtual reality applications will lean heavily on a fully functioning 5G network

What is 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology?

5G FWA is a means to provide a super-fast home broadband service without the usual level of cost...

Cognitive Network Management for 5G

The Network Management and QoS WG has issued a draft whitepapaper.

5G PPP use cases and performance evaluation models

A comprehensive assessment of the 5G use cases and models originating from 5G-PPP

Laying the foundations for next generation mobile services

Ofcom is working to enable future mobile services, including 5G.

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