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C-Band not mmWave key to 5G rollout

The world isn’t ready for high-frequency mmWave 5G just yet. C-Band to the rescue?...

07 December
Vodafone and Huawei demonstrate how 5G will revolutionise driving

Vodafone and Huawei have conducted the first European test of a remotely controlled vehicle over 5G...

06 December
Bristol’s hosting the first 5G trial of 2018 and it’s public

Bristol is holding a 5G trial that's both the first of 2018 and the first open to the public....

04 December
Arqiva to make London lampposts into 5G-ready cells

5G-capable Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will be deployed across the London...

23 November
Artificial Intelligence over 5G Networks to Aid Robotics

Researchers to investigate how AI can make 5G networks work best for robotics....

22 November
Beeb send experimental 4K and virtual reality video across a 5G network

Arqiva claims that its trial is reliably achieving speeds in excess of 1Gbps...

20 November
EE builds a 5G network in its lab to validate 5G architecture

Consistent 2.8Gbps speed have been achieved in EE's UK test lab using off-the-shelf hardware...

17 November
The City of London is planning a 5G Trial at Guildhall

150 Wi-Fi access points installed on street furniture across the City...

15 November
Mobile operators found to be focused on 5G and ready for business

Ericsson 5G Readiness Survey finds that mobile operators are better prepared for 5G...

07 November
How 5G could cause ‘dumb’ wearable devices to mushroom

5G will make it possible to connect thousands of ‘real time’ wearables per square kilometr...

02 November

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