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How will businesses benefit from 5G’s superfast connectivity?

Now is the time for the enterprise world to pay close attention to the early developments in 5G....

10 October
Plans announced for North East 5G testbed

It’s been revealed that the North East of England could be the location of a new 5G testbed...

27 September
5G optical network project awarded €7.7 million in EU funding

BT-led Metro-Haul consortium awarded €7.7 million in EU funding, which will help support 5G....

22 September
ATEME supplies 4K HDR compression to UK 5G FWA trial

Arqiva and Samsung use ATEME 4K HDR compression technology in the UK’s first 5G Fixed Wireless trial...

14 September
Wi-Fi will be an essential part of 5G says Wireless Broadband Alliance

5G and Wi-Fi will form a symbiotic relationship in future, according to a new white paper....

12 September
75% of organisations willing to pay more for 5G

Companies willing to pay more for 5G but not sure what it will offer....

21 August
5G ready small cells coming to Lambeth’s lamp posts

Arqiva is to continue its 5G preparations by attaching small cells to 15,000 lamp posts ....

15 August
Apple to begin 5G tests – how far off is a 5G iPhone?

Apple’s application to test 5G technology in California has been approved. ...

14 August
5G to control drones and keep them airborne

A drone was successfully operated over BT’s pre-5G network slicing testbed at BT Labs...

08 August
5G Fixed Wireless Access trial now live in the 28 GHz band in central London.

5G Fixed Wireless Access trial now live in the UK...

07 August

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