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Smarty Unlimited Data SIM Only

  • Great unlimited data SIM only deals with Smarty
  • Every deal is loaded with 5G data included
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Uses Three's network

Smarty SIM Deal

1 month contract

unlimited minutes

unlimited texts


5G data


a month

was £20.00

EU roaming & No annual price rises
Mobile networks may increase prices in line with the consumer price index each year. Please check individual network's terms before purchasing.
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SMARTY unlimited data

Contents list

  1. What plans are available with unlimited data?
  2. Why choose Smarty unlimited data
  3. Are there any fair usage restrictions?
  4. Are there any speed restrictions?
  5. Is unlimited tethering included?
  6. Can unlimited data be used abroad?
  7. Is 5G data included?
  8. Unlimited plans with a multi-plan discount?
  9. Can I gift data on an unlimited plan?
  10. Alternatives

If you’re looking for 5G and unlimited data then on many networks you’ll have to pay quite a lot of money, as that’s a premium pairing – one which enables you to get the most out of your smartphone – but with Smarty you can get this at a bargain price.

That means you can use data without limits, at the highest possible speeds, all without a high monthly cost.

So you’re in the right place for affordable 5G unlimited data, but there’s more to Smarty’s plans than just low prices, so below we’ve detailed everything you might want to know about them, including the network’s roaming terms, fair use restrictions, and contract lengths.

What plans are available with unlimited data?

Plan type

Unlimited data offered?




1 month

Pay monthly



Home broadband



Mobile broadband






Pay as you go



Smarty aims to keep things simple with its plans. In fact its slogan is “simple, honest mobile.” To that end, the network only offers SIM-only plans, and only on flexible 30-day durations, so you’re not locked into a lengthy contract.

It offers various allowances on SIM-only, including unlimited data, and while the network doesn’t offer data-only plans, its SIM-only ones are suitable for use in tablets and mobile broadband devices.

Why choose Smarty unlimited data

Smarty aims to offer incredibly good value plans, and it succeeds, even when opting for a 5G unlimited data plan. So if you want a great deal on your mobile connection, then Smarty is a superb choice. Smarty promises no annual price rises either, so plans will remain good value.

Smarty’s plans are also all just 30 days long, so you don’t have to commit to a contract, and that means there’s also no credit check. Plus, you’ll get unlimited minutes and texts as well as unlimited data.

And Smarty is owned and operated by Three, so it has all the same 5G, 4G and 3G coverage as Three. That means 5G in hundreds of towns and cities, with more locations being added all the time.

Are there any fair usage restrictions?

Fair usage in the UK

Fair usage abroad



Smarty doesn’t have any fair usage restrictions for data use in the UK, so on an unlimited data plan you can use as much as you want, for whatever you want (as long as it’s not being used for fraudulent or commercial activities).

However, when roaming in the EU you’re limited to 12GB per month. If you need more than that then you can buy a data add-on.

Are there any speed restrictions?

Smarty won’t restrict your speed at all, so you can enjoy the full force of 5G on your Smarty unlimited data plan.

Is unlimited tethering included?

There’s no limit to data use when tethering on Smarty, other than your standard allowance, so with unlimited data you can tether an unlimited amount. The exception to that is when abroad, as while there’s inclusive roaming in the EU, it tops out at 12GB of data per month.

Can unlimited data be used abroad?

No, while you can use as much data as you want in the UK, while roaming in Smarty’s free roaming locations there’s a fair use limit of 12GB per month. If you want to use more data than that then you’re able to buy a data add-on.

Is 5G data included?

Smarty offers 5G data as standard on all of its plans, so you can get the highest possible speeds at no extra cost.

Are unlimited plans available with a multi-plan discount?

Smarty offers what it calls a Group Plan. This is essentially a family SIM plan, which allows you to add multiple SIM cards to one account, with a 10% discount on each SIM added. There can be up to eight SIMs on the plan in total.

Can I gift data on an unlimited plan?

Smarty doesn’t allow you to gift your data, but this is a rare feature. For that, take a look into EE. Alternatively you can tether to another device to share your data with it.


5G network

Unlimited 5G data offered?

Plan types with unlimited 5G



Pay Monthly, SIM Only, PAYG, home broadband, data-only



Pay Monthly, SIM Only, PAYG, home broadband, mobile broadband, data-only



Pay Monthly, SIM Only, PAYG, home broadband, mobile broadband, data-only



Pay Monthly, SIM Only, data-only

Asda Mobile


SIM Only

BT Mobile


SIM Only





Yes Pay Monthly, SIM Only


Yes SIM Only

iD Mobile


Pay Monthly, SIM Only

Lyca Mobile


SIM Only

Sky Mobile



Tesco Mobile


Pay Monthly, SIM Only

Virgin Mobile


Pay Monthly, SIM Only



Pay Monthly, SIM Only

Since Three owns and operates Smarty it’s a clear alternative, offering the same coverage but a much wider selection of plan types, albeit typically at a higher price.

Other alternatives include iD Mobile, which also shares Three’s infrastructure. Though if you don’t specifically want Three’s coverage, then any network in the chart above with an unlimited data offering could be a decent alternative.

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