About Us

About Us

5G.co.uk was formed in early 2016 with the objective of becoming the leading source for 5G News in the UK. Of course, we also have many readers from the rest of Europe and every continent around the globe.

We are the only website in the UK that is 100% dedicated to 5G News and Technology. 5G has not launched here in the UK but development is well underway and a number of companies have started 5G Trials.

Since early 2016 we have grown our Editorial Team and now have a highly experienced and motivated team of writers who are well known in the Telecom sector. Our current editorial team can veiwed here.

Our editorial team produces regular:

  • 5G News which is current and of interest to our readers from the UK
  • 5G Guides providing an in-depth explanantion for the important 5G topics e.g. What is 5G?
  • 5G Newsletter covering the most recent news which is sent via email.

If you have any comments or feedback with regard to our website or content :

  • Use our contact form here
  • please mail info@5G.co.uk
  • or contact the editorial team on 07476-795958 or +447476-795958



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