EE 5G Home Broadband deals

  • Get internet for your whole household with EE Home Broadband
  • Enjoy superfast 5G speeds 
  • No landline or engineer visit required

EE Smart 5G Hub

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500GB Data
18 month contract
£45.00 a month
18 month contract
£45.00 a month

EE Smart 5G Hub

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Unlimited Data
18 month contract
£50.00 a month
18 month contract
£50.00 a month
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Why choose EE 5G home broadband?

EE was the first UK network to launch a 5G service and it now offers 5G in a huge number of towns and cities, with coverage continuing to improve quickly.

That means there’s a high chance you’ll be able to get a 5G signal where you are now, and if you can’t yet then you may well be able to soon.

EE’s 5G home broadband is also offered with up to unlimited data, so you never need to worry about running out, and if you grab a smaller allowance then you can always increase your plan at any time if you run short, so whatever plan you choose you’ll never have to do without.

Plus, you’ll get EE’s 5GEE Router 2021 to power your broadband. This is a high-tech device that can get up to 64 devices online at once at a range of up to 30 metres. So even the largest homes packed full of smart, connected devices, will easily be handled by this.

What are the advantages of 5G home broadband?

5G home broadband in general is a great alternative to fixed line broadband or 4G home broadband. The main advantage over the latter is simply that it’s a lot faster, as for the former, there are loads of advantages.

For one thing, 5G home broadband doesn’t require a landline, potentially saving you a lot of money. It’s also wireless, which means that to set it up you basically just plug the router in, so anyone can do it and there’s no need to wait for an engineer to visit, meaning you can get it up and running very fast.

Some networks offer short-term plans too, meaning that 5G home broadband can make for a great temporary option. This might be handy if for example you’re going to be moving to a new house shortly, or you’re facing a long wait to get fixed line broadband installed.

Depending on where you are, 5G home broadband can also be a lot faster than fixed line broadband – even than fast fibre broadband.

But where it really stands out is in homes that can’t get the fastest fibre speeds. If you’re stuck with relatively slow infrastructure and have a 5G signal, then 5G home broadband could give you a big boost.

EE 5G coverage

EE’s 5G coverage is rapidly expanding as the network works to bring 5G to most of the UK. That means even if EE 5G home broadband isn’t available for you now, it likely will be one day, but already it’s available in numerous towns and cities. Check out our EE 5G coverage page for in-depth details.

EE 5G speeds

EE claims that its average 5G home broadband speeds are around 150Mbps, and peak speeds could be much, much higher than that – potentially topping 1Gbps. For reference, average speeds on 4G home broadband tend to come in at around 25Mbps, so 5G is enormously faster.

How does EE’s 5G home broadband compare to fibre broadband?

With average download speeds of around 150Mbps and peak speeds that could theoretically reach or exceed 1Gbps, EE’s 5G home broadband compares well to fibre.

Most fibre packages average under 100Mbps – including quite pricey ones. The very fastest plans can exceed 1Gbps, but these are typically extremely expensive and aren’t widely available – so there’s a high chance your home won’t be capable of getting those sorts of speeds with fibre.

What router is supplied with EE 5G home broadband?

EE provides the 5GEE Router 2021 with its 5G home broadband service. This supports up to 64 devices connected to the internet at once, and has a 30-metre Wi-Fi range, so you can blanket your whole home in high-speed internet.

The 5GEE Router 2021 also includes four antenna ports to boost your signal if needed, and two Ethernet ports for if you want to provide something with a wired connection.

Who else offers 5G home broadband?

5G home broadband is also available from Three, Vodafone, and National Broadband, so they’re worth considering too if you have coverage from them. The last of those doesn’t have its own infrastructure, rather it will provide connectivity from the network that offers the best coverage in your home.

What about 5G mobile broadband?

You can also get 5G mobile broadband plans from EE. These are a similar idea but come with a battery-powered router that you can take with you – ideal if you want to get gadgets online on a train, at a hotel, or anywhere else you happen to go. However, a 5G mobile broadband plan is less well suited to providing permanent internet in your home – for that, stick to 5G home broadband.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the router cost extra?

Yes, but how much extra will depend on the plan you choose. All of them though come with a one-off charge for the 5GEE Router 2021, followed by a monthly charge for your allowances.

How do I set EE 5G home broadband up?

EE’s 5G home broadband is incredibly simple to set up – it’s basically just plug and play. Anything beyond that will be explained in the documentation you receive with it, but there’s no need for an engineer visit or any tech knowhow.

Do I need a landline?

Nope, with 5G home broadband landlines become entirely optional, as they’re not used to provide your internet. So if you’d like to ditch yours and save some money, you’re free to.

Can I get unlimited data?

Absolutely! EE offers a range of 5G home broadband plans, including one with unlimited data, so you can browse and stream to your heart’s content.

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