EE 5G Home Broadband deals

  • Get internet for your whole household with EE Home Broadband
  • Enjoy superfast 5G speeds
  • No landline or engineer visit required

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100GB Data
24 month contract
£75.00 a month
24 month contract
£75.00 a month
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Why choose EE 5G home broadband?

EE was the first UK network to launch a 5G service and at the time of writing its coverage is better than rivals and it’s expanding quickly.

That means there’s a higher chance you’ll be able to get a 5G signal where you are now or in the near future than on other networks.

EE’s 5G home broadband is also offered on a choice of a 30-day or 18-month contract, with the former being very short term for a home broadband plan – and therefore very flexible.

Adding to that flexibility is the ability to buy a data add-on if your allowance runs out, so you’ll never have to do without.

Plus, you’ll get EE’s 5GEE home router to power your broadband. This is a high-tech device that can get up to 64 devices online at once at a range of up to 100 metres. So even the largest homes packed full of smart, connected devices, will easily be handled by this.

What are the advantages of 5G home broadband?

5G home broadband in general is a great alternative to fixed line broadband or 4G home broadband. The main advantage over the latter is simply that it’s a lot faster, as for the former, there are loads of advantages.

For one thing, 5G home broadband doesn’t require a landline, potentially saving you a lot of money. It’s also wireless, which means that to set it up you basically just plug the router in, so anyone can do it and there’s no need to wait for an engineer to visit, meaning you can get it up and running very fast.

The option of short term plans means that 5G home broadband can make for a great temporary option too. This might be handy if for example you’re going to be moving to a new house shortly, or you’re facing a long wait to get fixed line broadband installed.

Depending on where you are, 5G home broadband can also be a lot faster than fixed line broadband. We’ll get into EE’s speeds specifically below, but the fastest fibre broadband speeds tend to be under 400Mbps, with the absolute top end being around 1Gbps, while 5G home broadband can potentially be even faster.

But where it really stands out is in homes that can’t get the fastest fibre speeds. If you’re stuck with relatively slow infrastructure and have a 5G signal, then 5G home broadband could give you a big boost.

EE 5G coverage

EE’s 5G coverage is rapidly expanding as the network works to bring 5G to most of the UK. That means even if EE 5G home broadband isn’t available for you now, it likely will be one day. Check out our EE 5G coverage page for in-depth details.

EE 5G speeds

EE hasn’t yet outlined its 5G home broadband speeds, but claims that speeds on its 5G phone and 5G SIM Only plans should be roughly 100-150Mbps faster than 4G, with peak speeds of over 1Gbps.


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