ADVA Optical Networking has a major role in 5G-XHaul

By Simon Thomas 8 March 2016

5G XHaul

ADVA Optical Networking, a company which helps build tomorrow’s networks, has announced that it’s playing a key role in the project.

We’ve covered 5G-XHaul separately, but in short it’s a 3-year pan-European collaboration, aimed at developing and building the infrastructure needed for 5G. It needs to be both high-capacity and flexible, as well as allowing for a dynamic allocation of network resources.

That’s a significant challenge and one which requires a complete rethink of both fronthaul and backhaul networks. In order to support the development of that 5G-XHaul has built a city-wide testbed in Bristol.

ADVA Optical Networking is supplying its WDM-PON (Wavelength Division Multiplexing-Passive Optical Network) technology to the project, to create optical links between access points, antennae and core networks in the testbed.

WDM-PON uses multiple different wavelengths, which allows for traffic separation within the same physical fibre. The result is a network which allows operators to deliver high bandwidth to multiple endpoints over long distances.

Christoph Glingener, CTO at ADVA Optical Networking said: “5G is about bringing phenomenally high bandwidth to mobile devices. The problem is that the capacity requirements for the backhaul and core network also increase enormously.

“The 5G-XHaul project is helping to address this issue by creating a unique platform for collaboration. It’s a vitally important joint initiative and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute so much to it. Our WDM-PONs are helping to build a world where devices can connect with the internet anywhere.”

The 5G-XHaul project is set to come to an end in 2018, culminating in a large-scale field trial in Bristol, which ADVA Optical Networking’s team will jointly conduct.

The trial will demonstrate how flexibility in the passive network can be increased with the efficient and cost-effective tuneable lasers built into ADVA Optical Networking’s WDM-PONs.


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