Sigfox and WND-UK team up to accelerate UK IoT rollout

7 July 2017

Iot acceleration for uk

French IoT specialist Sigfox has announced a team-up with WND-UK to help cover 95 per cent of the UK with its dedicated IoT network by 2019.

Sigfox provides network technology that enables simple, low-powered, ultra-low-cost devices to wirelessly connect to the internet. We’re talking simple, otherwise dumb devices like thermostats, security cameras, lightbulbs and many more.

This sort of wide-ranging network of non-smart devices is what’s known as the Internet of Things, or IoT.

Sigfox currently provides its IoT network technology in 30 countries around the world through various strategic partnerships. Indeed, it already has a presence here in the UK for things such as smart metering, facilities management, and healthcare.

Way back in 2014, Sigfox teamed up with UK network infrastructure company Arqiva in a bid to provide IoT connectivity to the country’s more heavily populated urban areas. At present, it covers 30 percent of the UK population across 11 major cities including Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Sheffield.

Now WND is joining to help push IoT connectivity to the rest of the UK’s population over the next two years - or at least 95 percent of it. WND already has experience of rolling out Sigfox’s IoT networks across a large chunk of Latin America. This latest partnership sees it bringing that expertise to bear across the Atlantic.

WND-UK has already begun its IoT network deployment here in the UK. Customers of both WND and Arquiva should find that the two networks are fully interoperable.

Useful reading: What is the Internet of Things?

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