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BT 5G SIM Only Deals

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Why choose BT 5G SIM Only?

BT owns EE, which was the first UK network to launch 5G, and the two companies share coverage and resources, putting them in a strong 5G position now and in the future.

That’s a very good reason to pick BT Mobile as your network, but as to why you should pick 5G SIM Only, well, for one thing BT’s SIM Only contracts are only 12 months long, so you’re not tied in for as long as you would be if you were also getting a 5G phone on contract.

The fact that you’re only paying for your allowances also means that SIM Only is a much cheaper option than getting a handset on contract.

BT Mobile also provides discounts on many plans to customers who also have BT Broadband.

BT 5G coverage

BT Mobile shares coverage with EE and the two have more 5G coverage at the time of writing than rivals – a situation which may well continue. For up to date and in-depth information, check out our 5G coverage guides.

BT 5G speeds

BT’s 5G speeds are likely to be similar to EE’s. That means average speeds of around 100-150Mbps more than 4G, and top speeds of over 1Gbps. With average 4G speeds of around 30Mbps, that’s a serious boost.

Added extras

BT Mobile’s SIM Only plans gives you free access to the company’s network of 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots spread across the UK. That’s a massive number and means you’re often likely to be near one, which is ideal for when mobile signal is less than great – not that there should be many situations like that, since BT has extensive 4G coverage, as well as growing 5G coverage.

BT Mobile also supports both Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling, which further increase your communication options.

Data roaming

BT Mobile lets you roam for free in 47 destinations covering most of Europe. If you’re going further afield then you can also purchase a Travel Data Pass, which lets you use 500MB of data for £6 a day in a number of places outside Europe.


BT Mobile lets you use as much of your data allowance as you want for tethering, at no extra cost. This lets you turn your phone into something of a broadband device – broadcasting a Wi-Fi network so other gadgets can get online.

How can I keep my number when switching?

All you have to do is give BT Mobile your PAC code, which you can get either by calling your old network and asking for it, or by texting the word ‘PAC’ and your date of birth (in the format DDMMYY) to 65075, using the number that you want to keep.

Once BT Mobile has your PAC it will usually port your old number to your new BT Mobile SIM card within 1 working day.

Which size SIM will I get?

BT Mobile will send you a 3-in-1 SIM card that contains all possible SIM card sizes (specifically standard, micro and nano sizes). Then you just select the one that’s the right fit for your phone – though with a 5G handset this will likely be the smallest (nano) size.

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