5G deployment models are crystallizing

5g report from al

5G deployment models are crystallizing

5G is a technology that is still being developed, refined, and standardized. Future commercial, financial, regulatory and competitive conditions will play a large role in how this technology will ultimately evolve. The five models described in the paper express our opinion on the starting point of 5G rollout taken by major operators that have made communications at this point in time. These 5G models will adapt, change and evolve in the future, and we will see a combination of them eventually.

Executive summary

  • 1. 5G – the next big wave in telecom
  • 2. 5G has the potential to disrupt the market
  • 3. 5G deployment models are crystallizing
  • 4. Non-telecom players are moving into the 5G space
  • 5. Telecom operators should place their stakes in the 5G ground
  • 6. Operators should choose models now that maximize their future chance of winning

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