5G Networks – The Role of Wi-Fi and Unlicensed Technologies

Wifi and 5G Report

This WBA white paper follows on from “Roadmap for Coexistence and Convergence in 5G – Market Research” paper published in November 2016. It forms part of the WBA strategy to actively embrace 5G and ensure that WBA connected cities and Wi-Fi network operators are positioned to exploit 5G and provide the services and experiences essential to our customers and users.

At the time of writing, 5G’s market requirements and use cases have been defined by various industry bodies. However, 5G is still being specified and will continue to be the subject to standardization work in various industry bodies for many years to come.

WBA has examined the many aspects of the 5G landscape being created by the major leading industry bodies, including amongst others, ITU, IEEE, IETF, 3GPP, NGMN and 5GPPP. This is focused on the aspects of 5G that are relevant to Wi-Fi and are of interest to WBA members.

Download the report:  5G Networks – The Role of Wi-Fi and Unlicensed Technologies for free here

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