5G PPP Phase 1 Security Landscape

5G Security

A joint effort on tackling 5G security risks and challenges

With contributions from 45 individuals from 9 5G PPP phase 1 projects, the new white paper from the Security Work Group provides an in-depth analysis of 5G security risks and challenges.

The objective of 5G PPP Phase 1 Security Landscape is twofold:

Provide insights into 5G security and how it should be addressed in Phase 1 projects in terms of "what" and "why".
Pave the way for Phase 2 projects and enable them to leverage the achievements from Phase 1.

Major 5G security topics

The in-depth white paper covers.

  • New, major 5G security requirements and risks.
  • 5G security architecture and how it fits with that of the 3GPP.
  • Access control in 5G.
  • Privacy in 5G.
  • Trust in 5G.
  • Security monitoring and management.
  • Slicing.
  • Standardisation on 5G security.

Read the full whitepaper here

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