5G Readiness Survey 2017

5G Report

5G next-generation mobile technology has quickly become the most promising opportunity—and vital challenge—being addressed by the Information and Communications Technology industry.

We say “quickly” because since Ericsson conducted the first 5G Readiness Assessment a year ago, telcos have moved forward on 5G with increased urgency.

  • Exactly how have preparations for 5G evolved over the past year?
  • Where do telcos stand now in their 5G activities and developments?
  • What actions are service providers taking now in anticipation of 5G? > What priorities drive their initiative?
  • How ready are they to take leadership positions in the 5G future? 

 The report shares the data about operators’ expectations and activities related to 5G; offers some conclusions about the results; and suggests steps operators can take to identify their opportunities and accelerate their move to 5G. 

Read the 5G Readiness Survey here

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