Asda Mobile : 5G Coverage and Launch

Asda Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which currently uses EE’s 4G mobile network. The probability is that Asda Mobile will continue its relationship with EE for 5G, but this needs to be confirmed by both parties.

When will Asda Mobile launch 5G?

Asda Mobile has made no comment with regard to its launch plans. However, EE has confirmed it will launch 5G in the second half of 2019 in a limited number of areas and cities.

Asda Mobile is unlikely to get 5G at the same time though. Rather, we would expect Asda Mobile to launch 5G sometime in 2020 or possibly even 2021 depending on how quickly EE spreads 5G coverage across the UK.

Which cities will get Asda Mobile 5G first?

Asda Mobile can only launch 5G in cities where EE has already launched it. Take a look at our guide to EE 5G for up to date information on that.

Will I need a new phone or device to use 5G on Asda Mobile?

Yes, a new mobile phone will definitely be required. EE for its part has announced that it will stock a number of 5G phones, but it will be up to Asda Mobile to decide when and what phones it will sell.

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