Giffgaff 5G

Giffgaff is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which currently uses O2’s infrastructure and spectrum. It doesn’t currently offer 5G but if and when it starts it will probably continue using O2’s network for that, especially as it has the same parent company. However, nothing is yet confirmed.

When will Giffgaff launch 5G? 

Giffgaff hasn’t made any comments about the launch of a 5G service. That’s in part because it’s reliant on O2 – it can’t launch one until O2 does (or until it switches network partner to one that has). O2 has said that it will start rolling out 5G in October 2019, so we could get Giffgaff 5G soon, but then again it may well launch a lot later than O2 5G.

Which cities will get Giffgaff 5G first?

Giffgaff can only launch 5G in cities where O2 has a 5G coverage. That network has revealed some of the first places it will launch 5G, but head over to our guide to O2 5G for any further updates.

Will I need a new phone or device to use 5G on Giffgaff?

Probably, as very few 5G phones are available, so if you haven't upgraded to one of them then you will need a new handset.

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