New report profiles 5G development across 25 companies

By James Rogerson 25 November 2015

5G reports

A new report dubbed ‘Looking Ahead to 5G: Global Market, Application and Technology Development’ has been released, covering 5G development and global mobile data traffic forecasts up to 2019.

The report, which is available now, notes that ultra high-speed networks and the IoE (Internet of Everything) are two major factors of 5G development.

It posits that 5G applications developed around the world will help propel socioeconomic development and will also function as a catalyser in the development of new living patterns and business models.

That’s not hard to imagine, especially when considering the possible implications of the Internet of Everything / Internet of Things, whereby almost every electronic device could be connected. It’s clear that such a world would change the ways in which we live and work.

The 33-page report profiles 5G development from regional, application, technology and spectrum perspectives, with an aim to exploit its future opportunities.

From a technology development perspective, it includes a brief overview of 5G development from key companies, such as Samsung, Huawei and Qualcomm.

For regional development it looks at the situation in South Korea, the EU, the UK and China, in terms of R&D funding and initiative plans.

For application development the report gives a small overview of how the EU's METIS, Korea's 5G Forum, Japan's 5GMF, and China's IMT-2020 (5) have deployed 5G.

This isn’t the only recent report on 5G, as another one, titled ‘The 5G Wireless Ecosystem: 2015 - 2025 - Technologies, Applications, Verticals, Strategies & Forecasts’, forecasts that almost $5 billion will have been spent on 5G research, development and trial investments by 2020, with vendors already aggressively investing in the technology.

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