James Rogerson

James Rogerson

Sub-Editor at 5G.co.uk

James is sub-editor at both 5G.co.uk and TechRadar. Also works as a researcher/ technical writer for 5G.co.uk and several other websites including TechRadar, T3, Smart TV Radar, 3G.co.uk with work on the web, in print and on TV.

Guides By James Rogerson

5G roaming – can I roam abroad?

You can now roam on 5G on some networks, so your data won’t slow down even when abroad....

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Lots of 5G phones have good battery life, but the following selection are the longest lasting....

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Cat 9 is the latest advancement in 4G network technology, EE is thee first UK network to launch it....

What is the 5G for Europe Action Plan?

The European Commission has a plan to ensure that the EU isn’t left behind when it comes to 5G....

5G Frequencies in the UK

5G is here and it uses different frequencies than 4G or 3G....

What is 5G-XHaul?

5G-XHaul is one of many 5G projects which could help shape the future of mobile communications....

What is 5G?

5G is the next evolution in mobile technology which transform our lives in the coming years....

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