Exceptional Black Friday deals with 5G

2 November 2023

Black Friday 2020

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday is officially Friday the 24th of November – but Black Friday deals will appear beyond that and even start turning up before then.

How long does Black Friday last this year?

Beyond Black Friday itself, you can expect to find deals through the following weekend, as well as Monday the 27th (known as Cyber Monday) and potentially even beyond. Some stores are also likely to offer early Black Friday deals before the day.

Exceptional Black Friday SIM deals

SIM Only Deals

Triple SIM

SIM card
5GB Data
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
£1.00 a month
1 month contract
£1.00 a month

Triple SIM

SIM card
1GB Data
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
£2.90 a month
1 month contract
£2.90 a month

Triple SIM

Micro SIM card
60GB Data
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
£4.98 a month
12 month contract
£4.98 a month
Free EU Roaming

Black Friday operator quick links

The 5G operators that will be offering 5G Black Friday deals this year are shown below. Click the logos to head off straight to their Black Friday deals page.

EE Black Friday deals Three Black Friday deals Vodafone Black Friday deals
O2 Black Friday deals BT Black Friday deals Sky Black Friday deals
giffgaff Black Friday deals VOXI Black Friday deals Tesco Mobile Black Friday deals
Virgin media black friday deals id mobile black friday deals asda mobile black friday deals
Black friday deals Lyca black friday deals Smarty black friday deals

What else do I need to consider?

Before jumping on the first big Black Friday deal you see, you should consider the following things to make sure it’s the right deal for you.

  • Coverage

The single most important thing to consider when buying a 5G Black Friday deal is coverage – unless you’re just planning ahead, there’s little point in a 5G plan on a network that doesn’t have 5G coverage where you live or work. For up to date 5G coverage details, check out our 5G coverage guides.

  • How much data do I need?

That depends on what you plan to use 5G for. If it’s mostly just web browsing and social media, you can get by with a fairly low allowance, but once you’re streaming video, playing online games, or downloading big files, data use can skyrocket. At that point you’ll definitely want over 10GB and should even consider unlimited data. For a full breakdown of how much data different activities use, check out our guide to how much data 5G uses.

  • How fast is 5G?

5G speeds vary based on network, location, and other factors, but tests suggest they average in the region of 100-250Mbps, with peak speeds of potentially over 1Gbps, and future speeds that will be even higher. When you consider that 4G only averages around 35Mbps, it’s clear to see the difference. For more in-depth details on 5G speeds, check out our how fast is 5G? guide.

All the above support 5G, but no other models do. Want to know more about the 5G iPhones? We’ve got you covered with our guide to which iPhones support 5G.

  • Which size iPhone is best for me?

Apple offers all sorts of different iPhone sizes, and even with its 5G phones you have the choice of a 4.7-inch, 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, or 6.7-inch one. Broadly speaking, big ones are better for media, while smaller ones are better for one-handed use and small pockets, but for a detailed examination of the sizes, check out our guide to what size iPhone is best.


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