How to get an O2 eSIM and activate it

14 May 2024

How to get an O2 eSIM and activate it

Contents list

  1. How do I get an O2 eSIM?
  2. Which devices support eSIMs on O2?
  3. How do I set up an eSIM on my phone?
  4. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

O2 is one of a growing number of mobile networks that lets you use an eSIM (also known as an embedded SIM) rather than a removable SIM card.

There are lots of advantages to eSIMs, including them taking up less space in your device (which also makes them ideal for smartwatches), and being much more difficult to lose or damage.

Eventually all networks will probably offer them, but if you’re an O2 customer or considering switching to O2, then it’s worth thinking about getting an eSIM now, and this guide will tell you everything you need to know about doing that.

How do I get an O2 eSIM?

If you’re a Pay Monthly phone customer on O2 then you can get an eSIM. That means you’ll be eligible if you have a phone on contract or a SIM Only plan, or if you’re a business customer – though in all cases you will also need a compatible phone. However, Pay As You Go customers can’t currently get O2 eSIMs.

If you’re eligible, then you can get an O2 eSIM by following these two simple steps:

Step 1.

Sign up for an O2 phone deal or an O2 SIM Only deal and select the eSIM option during checkout. Alternatively, you can request a switch to an eSIM for a plan you already have via your My O2 account online or the My O2 app.

To make this request using the website tap ‘My O2’ followed by ‘Replace your SIM’, or using the app tap ‘Support’ then ‘Swap your SIM’.

SIM Only Deals

Triple SIM

Micro SIM card
3GB Data
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
£15.00 a month
24 month contract
£15.00 a month
EU roaming

Triple SIM

Micro SIM card
6GB Data
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
£17.00 a month
24 month contract
£17.00 a month
EU roaming

Triple SIM

Micro SIM card
1GB Data
Unlimited Mins
Unlimited Texts
£18.00 a month
12 month contract
£18.00 a month
EU roaming

Step 2.

If you’ve ordered a new phone and are new to O2, or if you’re upgrading from an iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone, then wait for your new phone to arrive, switch it on, and simply follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’re upgrading from one iOS device to another or from one Android phone to another, then the process is similar, but make sure you have your old phone nearby too, as this will be needed at a certain point.

For a SIM Only plan, you can head to the My O2 app and tap ‘You have an esim profile ready for installation’ under the ‘Account’ section, then follow the instructions. Or head to the My O2 site and tap ‘Install my eSIM profile’.

If you’re an existing customer switching to eSIM, simply follow the instructions you’re given after selecting ‘Replace your SIM’ or ‘Swap your SIM’ in step one.

Which devices support eSIMs on O2?

O2 eSIMs work with just about every device that has eSIM capabilities. This includes all iPhones from the iPhone XS onwards, so that of course means the latest models like the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Numerous Android phones also support eSIM. These include the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 5Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5Google Pixel 8Google Pixel 8 ProSony Xperia 1 VSony Xperia 10 V, and a number of other phones. Check out our dedicated eSIM guide for a more complete list.

How do I set up an eSIM on my phone?

The process for adding an eSIM will vary a bit depending on whether you’re getting a new phone or SIM Only, but the process is covered in the steps above.

Or for full details of the process, head to O2’s eSIM guide for iOS or its eSIM guide for Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which O2 plans support eSIM?

O2’s Pay Monthly phone and SIM Only plans support eSIMs, and eSIMs are also available to business customers. However at the time of writing you can’t use an eSIM with an O2 Pay As You Go plan.

Will activating an O2 eSIM lock my phone to O2?

No. Most devices sold on O2 aren’t locked, and using an eSIM won’t make any difference to this.

How do I transfer an eSIM to a new phone?

Transferring an O2 eSIM from one phone to another requires requesting a new eSIM, which can be done at checkout if buying the phone from O2. Alternatively, you can request a new eSIM from the My O2 app or your My O2 account.

Then just follow the supplied instructions to install the eSIM on your new phone.

Can I switch from a physical SIM to an eSIM or vice versa?

Yes, simply request the type of SIM card you want from O2, using the ‘Swap your SIM’ section in the My O2 app or the ‘Replace your SIM’ section of your account on O2’s website.

Do I need to buy my phone from O2 to use an O2 eSIM with it?

No, as long as your phone supports eSIMs and is supported for them by O2, it can be purchased from anywhere. If you have a non-O2 phone that you want to use an eSIM with, then just set up a SIM Only contract on O2 and request an eSIM.

Can eSIMs be used abroad?

Yes, in use an eSIM is just like a conventional SIM card, so you can use it abroad too, under the same terms. On O2 that means you can roam freely across the EU, up to a 25GB fair usage limit.

Can I access 5G with an eSIM?

Yes, if you have a 5G phone then you’ll also be able to use 5G with an eSIM.

Which other networks offer eSIMs?

O2 isn’t the only network that offers eSIMs. You can also get them with EE, ThreeVodafoneLyca Mobile, Giffgaff, Honest Mobile, iD Mobile, ParentShield, Sky Mobile, Spusu, and Tesco Mobile.

What happens if I erase my eSIM?

You can simply download your eSIM again by heading to the ‘Replace your SIM’ section of O2’s site or the ‘Swap your SIM’ part of the My O2 app. You can also head to an O2 store with your driving license or passport and request a new eSIM.

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