Kevin Thomas

Kevin Thomas

Company director for our 4 websites as follows: 


Kevin Thomas has worked for companies AT&T and BT with 15 years practical experience in the world of telecoms. He has a HND in telecommunications.

Kevin has also  worked in the world of Telecom reporting for 18 years. He has joint responsibility for and and is lead Director for

Guides By Kevin Thomas

5G external antennas for routers: all you need to know

5G home broadband is now freely available in the UK, offering a real alternative to fixed broadband...

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5G is well positioned to complement and possibly even rival traditional fibre broadband....

Which iPhones support 5G?

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How to cancel your phone contract

Whatever network you’re on, cancelling your mobile contract is easy, and this guide explains it all....

5G towers- the true facts revealed

5G towers and masts are being set alight in the UK. Is 5G dangerous or safe, we look in-depth...

What is AI?

AI is intelligence that’s demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence...

What is Gigabit LTE?

Next iteration of LTE mobile technology that can achieve download speeds of a gigabit ...

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