57% of people in Greater Manchester now benefit from 5G

20 April 2022

Virgin Media O2 5G in manchester

Virgin Media O2 (VMO2) has confirmed some interesting facts about 4G and 5G network coverage across Greater Manchester.

Firstly, those living in Greater Manchester stand a good chance of getting 5G network coverage as Virgin Media O2 confirm that 67% of the population in the area can now get 5G.

This has been boosted of late with the deployment of low band 5G spectrum which gives more people access to 5G network speeds.

Looking across the UK, VMO2 has confirmed that 5G is available across 400 towns and cities with each town and city having no less that 50% population coverage. As far as we can recall this is the first operator to reveal the actual percentage of population coverage for towns and cities so far.

Secondly, looking at slower 4G network coverage, VMO2 has also confirmed that near to 20,000 post code areas across Greater Manchester has benefited from increased network capacity via a significant upgrade.

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