EE is among the first to bring 5G to Dorchester, Dumfries and Galashiels

11 July 2023

EE 5G coverage

If you’ve been holding out for 5G in Dorchester, Dumfries, or Galashiels then you’re in luck, because EE has now rolled out 5G to all of those locations, and it’s the first to do so – other than in Dumfries, which now also has 5G on Vodafone.

It’s not clear exactly when these networks rolled 5G out to these places, but a check of their coverage maps shows it’s clearly present.

In the case of Dorchester, you should get good indoor and outdoor coverage in the areas around Dorset County Hospital, Dorset Museum, Lower Burton, Frome Whitfield, and Fordington, with 5G coverage being limited to outdoors as you head down towards Castle Park.

For Galashiels, EE’s 5G coverage can be found indoors and out along much of the A7, as well as on Tweed Road, Huddersfield Street, Winston Road, and many of the surrounding areas, with outdoor 5G coverage in most other parts of the town.

Finally, in Dumfries you’ll find EE’s 5G coverage inside and out at the Dumfries Ice Bowl and surrounding areas, as well the Dumfries Museum, Summerhill, and Nithside, with outdoor 5G at the station and in other areas. A few other parts of Dumfries and Galloway also now have 5G on EE, such as Lockerbie, Woodside, and Greenhill.

On Vodafone, you’ll find 5G both indoors and out around the Maxwelltown part of Galashiels, plus Terregles Street, Glasgow Street, Golf Avenue, and surrounding areas, with 5G coverage switching to outdoors only as you get further from these locations.

So there’s room for improvement when it comes to EE and Vodafone’s 5G coverage in these places, but it’s a good start, and it’s likely that the 5G coverage will indeed improve over time. The big question now is when we’ll see Three and O2 bring their 5G services to these places.

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