5G to make Greenwich one of world’s smartest communities

By James Rogerson 4 August 2016

5G Smartcity

With the help of 5G, cities are expected to become a lot smarter and the Royal Borough of Greenwich could be one of the first areas to undergo the upgrade, thanks to Digital Greenwich.

A smart city strategy for the borough was launched by the council in late 2015, with Digital Greenwich responsible for carrying it out and it’s just made a significant step towards achieving its goals by teaming up with the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey.

The partnership is aimed at creating the technology at the heart of future smart cities, as well as providing the foundation for smart city standards and services.

With these foundations Digital Greenwich will be able to build test beds and trials, ultimately leading to commercial smart city solutions.

These solutions will cover the full range of city services, including transport, healthcare, education, energy, logistics and mobility and Digital Greenwich has also announced that it will host a 5G Smart City incubator space, allowing innovators and entrepreneurs to work on new technology for these fields.

Ultimately Digital Greenwich wants to deliver smart low-carbon, healthy, resource-efficient and liveable neighbourhoods within Greenwich, before hopefully spreading this smart framework across the rest of London and the UK.

But while creating smart cities is a major project for Digital Greenwich it’s not the only thing the organisation is involved in, as it’s also working on automated transport and self-driving cars, as part of a consortium of companies.

These two things are both also likely to benefit from 5G and would slot neatly into a Smart City environment, where many things are automated and driven by machine to machine communications.

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