Bigbelly throws weight behind UK 5G small cell rollout

12 March 2021

Bigbelly throws weight behind UK 5G small cell rollout

Smart waste and recycling solution company Bigbelly has announced that its integrated pole and antenna solution is ready to accelerate the growth of the UK’s small cell network. This is potentially great news for the country’s ongoing 5G rollout.

5G networks require thousands of compact antennas or ‘small cells’ to operate rather than the small number of large masts used by 4G and 3G. This is partly because 5G’s higher frequencies are easily blocked or disrupted by buildings and trees.

Typically, the kind of small cells required to run a 5G network need to be attached to public infrastructure such as buildings, bus shelters, and streetlights. However, the Telebelly system enables such small cell technology to be attached to the popular BigBelly solar powered rubbish-compacting bins.

The Telebelly antenna system can help ease the implementation of 5G by making it easier for telecommunication companies to deploy a high speed mobile network without the need to rely on dedicated large-scale mast installations.

Bigbelly expects serious interest from any UK local authorities seeking to roll out 5G using existing infrastructure. There are already some 2,500 Bigbelly units in operation across the UK, and the promise of added 5G connectivity should promote further installations in new locations.

Alex Gamota, Senior Vice President at Bigbelly, said: “Given how Bigbelly is typically utilised in densely populated areas where footfall is high, which is typically where increased telecoms coverage and capacity is required, there is a high degree of synergy between the public waste collection aspect of the system and Telebelly.”

Bigbelly’s Telebelly masts have already been successfully introduced to markets such as Australia and the US, where the non-intrusive masts have been found to blend in well with ‘aesthetically sensitive’ city centre areas.

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