SMARTY Mobile 5G

Smarty Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which operates using Three’s 4G network. It’s also owned by Three, therefore, if and when Smarty Mobile starts offering 5G it will almost certainly do so through Three.

When will Smarty Mobile launch 5G? 

Smarty Mobile has announced that it will launch a 5G service but it hasn't said when. It may be able to do so soon though, as Three already offers 5G home broadband and will be expanding to mobile soon.

Which cities will get Smarty Mobile 5G first?

Smarty Mobile can only launch 5G in cities where Three has 5G coverage. Currently that means just London (a place where Three only offers 5G home broadband at the time of writing), but head over to our guide to Three 5G for all the latest updates on that.

Will I need a new phone or device to use 5G on Smarty Mobile?

Probably, as at the time of writing there are very few 5G phones available, but that will change very soon. Smarty Mobile itself probably won’t offer any though, as currently it’s just a SIM Only network.

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