VOXI is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which uses Vodafone’s 4G infrastructure. It’s also owned by Vodafone, so it’s sure to continue using Vodafone’s infrastructure for 5G too.

When will VOXI launch 5G?

VOXI hasn’t confirmed its 5G launch plans yet, but it can’t launch 5G until Vodafone does anyway. Vodafone for its part has stated that it will launch 5G at some point in 2019. However, VOXI may be waiting longer than that, as there’s no guarantee that it will get 5G at the same time. Then again, being owned by Vodafone it might not have to wait long, unless the company decides 5G is too premium for its youth-focused sub-brand.

Which cities will get VOXI 5G first?

VOXI can only launch 5G in cities where Vodafone has made it available. That might not be such a problem though, as Vodafone plans to bring 5G to parts of 19 cities this year alone. Check out our guide to Vodafone 5G for up to date information on that.

Will I need a new phone or device to use 5G on VOXI?

Yes at the time of writing, as currently no 5G phones are available, but a number have been announced and will go on sale soon.

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