5G in industrial operations

5G industrial report

Companies across the world are ready to embrace 5G, but 5G’s disruptive features will take some time to materialize.

Three-quarters of industrial companies (75%) believe that 5G is going to be a key enabler for their digital transformation in the next five years. In fact, 5G is placed higher than artificial intelligence or advanced data analytics (see Figure 1). The reason, partly, is that 5G will be the connectivity engine that drives the development, at scale, of technologies such as realtime image processing, edge analytics, advanced automation, and AR/VR. 

Part of the attraction can be explained by 5G’s ability to solve industrial organizations’ connectivity challenges. Our research shows that nearly half (44%) believe that connectivity issues pose big challenges for their digital transformation initiatives. This trend is consistent across the countries we surveyed. These companies told us that their top three connectivity challenges include lack of coverage (selected by 63% of respondents), signal reliability (56%), and lack of network speed (46%). 

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