5G PPP use cases and performance evaluation models


This document provides an overview of the use cases and models that were developed for an early evaluation of different 5G radio access network concepts originating from various 5th g eneration ( 5G ) Public - Private Partnership ( 5G - PPP ) phase 1 projects.

It covers 5G scenarios defined from the service perspective, requirements, definitions of key performance indicators (KPIs) and models (e.g., of channel, traffic or user’s mobility). Developed use case families are mapped to a corresponding business cases identified in vertical industries.

Additionally, performance evaluation approaches are compared with the latest version of performance evaluation framework proposed in Third Genera tion Partnership Project ( 3GPP ) . Since the document contains a comprehensive assessment of the 5G use cases and models originating from 5G - PPP , it can be used to harmonize viewpoints of different projects, while in the same time ensuring that 5G - PPP covers entire 5G research space identified as relevant from the European point of view. As the document is expected to be revised throughout the duration of 5G - PPP phase 1, in the later stage it could be used to provide a coordinated early assessment of 5G performance.

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