Assessing the impact of 5G on the online gambling industry

Betting frequency 5G

Momentum continues to build behind mobile

The growth of mobile sports betting continues to be the predominant trend impacting the rise of the sports betting industry. We surveyed players and consumers in the US, Germany and the UK, and mobile apps remain the preferred sports betting channel for 37% of players across all markets, ahead of any other method including computer (31%) and in-person (26%). Regionally, mobile apps are the most popular channel for sports betting in both the UK and the US. Betting on mobile devices is the preferred method for 43% of UK sports bettors and 34% of players in the US. 32% of sports bettors in Germany prefer mobile, fewer than prefer betting on a computer or laptop (44%). The in-app user experience (cited by 53% of players), and being able to place bets anywhere (cited by 55% of players), are both important reasons these players prefer mobile sports betting.

5G is set to have a significant impact on in-play sports betting

Of all current and potential sports bettors, one-in-five across countries (18%) envisage placing more in-play sports bets following the introduction of 5G. And sports bettors that already place more than one bet per week on average are even more enthusiastic about the prospect of 5G for in-play. 42% of players across countries already placing more than one bet per week say that they will increase the volume of inplay sports bets they make, and for half (21%) of these players this will include betting on new events. There is also a strong correlation between players that say the impact of 5G will be to increase the overall volume of mobile sports betting they do, and the desire to make more in-play bets. Across countries, more than half (54%) of current and future players that foresee starting to bet or betting more frequently on mobile platforms following the introduction of 5G believe that they are likely to place more in-play bets. More than a quarter (27%) want to bet on new sports or markets.

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