Mass Connectivity in the 5G Era

5G use cases

The fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) is about to enable a fully connected world. With a dramatic increase in data rates and the number of connected devices, we will soon be able to enjoy expanded communication between devices and no longer be limited to userto-user and user-to-device communication. By 2025 an enormous 25 billion devices are expected to be connected under 5G.1

5G, which can be considered an overlay to the existing 4G network, represents not only a change to cellular networks but also an integration with communications networks such as Wi-Fi and telemetry.

According to the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance, “5G is an endto-end ecosystem to enable a fully mobile and connected society. It empowers value creation for customers and partners, through existing and emerging use cases, delivered with consistent experience, and enables sustainable business models. Imagine a future where 5G connectivity is embedded into nearly everything, you can virtually try on clothing and shop at home using a virtual reality (VR) headsets, your autonomous vehicle can self-navigate and drive you to your favorite restaurant for dinner. Your thermostat can preheat/precool at a desired temperature by retrieving the arrival time of your car as well as current and forecasted weather conditions

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