Traffic Control and Everything-to-Vehicle (V2X) Communications

V2X 5G

How V2X Improves Driving Safety and Traffic Flow

Ofinno Technologies announced the release of their Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications whitepaper.

Ofinno’s whitepaper outlines essential requirements and key features for V2X technology implementation. The whitepaper also emphasizes representative use cases and market demands of V2X communication systems.

“Cellular V2X is a vital technology that improves driving safety and traffic efficiency by enabling vehicles, roadside infrastructures, and pedestrians to communicate with each other,” said Kyungmin Park, Senior Technical Staff at Ofinno. “Dynamic interactions between traffic elements ultimately realize more reliable and safer autonomous driving.”

Despite unceasing efforts on vehicle safety and a large amount of investment on traffic systems, traffic fatalities and economic loss in transportation system are growing every year. Wirelessly connected vehicles communicating with other traffic elements save lives, reduce congestion, and lessen the negative impact of transportation environment.

Read the free whitepaper: Traffic Control and Everything-to-Vehicle (V2X) Communications


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