5GEE WiFi mobile broadband box launched on EE

11 November 2020


EE has just launched its first own-brand 5G mobile broadband device, dubbed simply the 5GEE WiFi. Being an own-brand device it’s of course only available on EE, and that’s a big win for the network, as it has some top specs and features.

The 5GEE WiFi of course gets devices such as laptops, tablets and other things that support Wi-Fi online wherever you are, and if there’s an EE 5G signal then it will connect them at fibre-rivalling 5G speeds.

While it’s not alone in that there aren’t many 5G mobile broadband devices yet, and this one stands out above most rivals by supporting up to 64 simultaneous connections. Realistically that’s way more than you’ll probably ever need, but it’s also a huge boost on the 20 connections that the likes of the HTC 5G Hub offer.

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Fast and efficient

With average download speeds of 150Mbps, the 5GEE WiFi is also genuinely very fast, beating most wired broadband connections, which is all the more impressive given that this is a portable device. That also means you can really make the most of all those simultaneous connections, as this will still be very fast even with dozens of devices connected to it.

Not only that, but the 5GEE WiFi also supports Wi-Fi 6, which is the latest generation of Wi-Fi and improves the 5GEE WiFi’s efficiency in heavy bandwidth situations, further benefitting it when using lots of devices at once, or when doing demanding things like using virtual reality.

Alistair Wilson, Director of Devices and Partnerships at EE, said: “EE offers customers the UK’s fastest 5G service in more places, and we’re continually looking for ways to help provide them with new ways to get access to the best superfast internet connectivity on the go.

“Whether it’s for streaming new movies on a laptop or using the latest augmented reality services with a headset, when paired with our new 5GEE WiFi mobile broadband device, customers will be able to enjoy the incredible speeds offered by the UK’s number one 5G network.”

The 5GEE WiFi has a 6,460mAh battery, a 30-metre Wi-Fi range, and it’s available on a range of plans, with existing pay monthly mobile customers able to buy the 5GEE WiFi with 50GB of data from £45 a month on a 24-month plan, with 100GB of data for £67.50 per month, or with 200GB of data for £90 per month.

EE is a great network for mobile broadband too, as at the time of writing it offers 5G coverage in parts of 112 UK towns and cities, which is more than any other network.

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