Automotive communications specialist Savari joins 5GAA

Posted: 23rd May 2017 By: Jon Mundy

Savari 5G

One of the world’s leading providers of automotive communication technology, Savari Inc., has joined the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA).

Savari has become the first V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) solution provider to join the 5GAA - a global association of leading technology companies with an active interest in developing automobile communications solutions.

Vehicle-to-Everything technology itself a natural fit for the group. V2X enables vehicles to communicate with the traffic systems and other vital infrastructure around them. It’s going to be a core component of the smart cities and automated cars of the near future, and facilitating this huge increase in data will be one of the biggest and most important tasks of 5G when it starts its rollout in 2020.

In particular, Savari’s Cellular-V2X technology enables cars to to communicate 10 times a second with other similarly equipped cars on the road, as well as with the roadside infrastructure. This data is then crunched in real time, and a more detailed picture of the driving environment is fed back to the driver.

This exchange happens so quickly and comprehensively that a three-second window can be provided for preventing an accident. Beyond this localised application, the data then can be sent to the cloud over a mobile network connection in order to provide other vehicles with timely and accurate accident, weather, and congestion warnings.

Ravi Puvvala, CEO of Savari, said: “We believe cellular-V2X technology plays a very important role in the widespread adoption of V2X. Savari’s V2X hardware, safety applications and data services support either DSRC or cellular-V2X standards. We’re pleased to join and collaborate with 5GAA’s members on developing the standards for cellular-V2X communications, promoting interoperability across the industry, for connected and autonomous car applications”.

In joining the 5GAA, Savari will work alongside the likes of Audi, BMW, Ford, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Intel, and a whole host mobile network operators to advance 5G-based automotive communications standards.

Dino Flore, Director General at 5G Automotive Association, said: “Savari is a pioneer in V2X communication technology, bringing 10 years of V2X market experience, over a dozen V2X smart city deployments and more than million lines of code for its V2X software. The company was a clear choice for us to add to the association. We believe cellular-V2X is one of the foundational technologies for the autonomous driving future and Savari’s expertise will be essential”.


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