EE’s new business plans give you 5G, entertainment and more

3 September 2020

5G business people

EE has reworked its plans for small businesses, and now offers three distinct plan types that come with a lot more than just your allowances. For one thing, they’re all 5G ready, so paired with a 5G phone you’ll be able to enjoy the maximum possible speeds on EE’s network.

The three plans are called Business Essential, Business Extra, and Business Unlimited, and they also all come with unlimited minutes and texts, as well as a Lifetime Guarantee – which means your contract handset will be covered against manufacturer faults until you either upgrade or leave EE. The plans also include a free next day replacement for your device if needed.

But if you opt for a Business Extra plan then you also get the ability to upgrade to a new handset whenever you want during your contract (after the first 15 days), so if a shiny 5G phone comes out, you won’t have to wait months or years to get it.

Get Extra

Plus, with Business Extra you get to choose a ‘Smart Benefit’. These include subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, BT Sport Ultimate, or BritBox.

They’ve been offered on consumer plans for a while, but EE has added them to its business plans as it recognises that the lines between work and play are becoming ever more blurred, especially with more people currently working from home.

Business Extra plans also come with 200 monthly minutes for calls from the UK to the EU, and they include ‘Reserve Data’, which lets you keep using data at 2Mbps speeds when your data allowance runs out. So it won’t be 5G speeds anymore, but at least you can stay connected to work and play.

5G Coverage Checker

Find out which networks have launched 5G in your area, or when it is coming to your area.

Have it all

Finally, there’s EE’s Business Unlimited plans. These include unlimited data, which means they don’t need Reserve Data, but otherwise they come with everything that you get on a Business Extra plan, except with 500 UK to EU minutes rather than just 200.

EE’s new 5G business plans are available either with a handset or on SIM Only, and they’re competitively priced – a Business Essential handset plan for example will start from just £16 per month at the time of writing.

But opt for Business Unlimited and you’ll truly have everything you need to stay permanently connected at the fastest 5G speeds, empowering you to work more efficiently and enjoy streamed media in the best quality possible.

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