Ericsson and MTS to demonstrate 5G at the 2018 World Cup

By James Rogerson 5 January 2016

Ericsson to research, develop and deploy 5G mobile networks in Russia.

Ericsson and Russian mobile network operator Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to research, develop and deploy 5G mobile networks in Russia.

Initially the two companies will focus on the development of requirements and use cases, but it will ultimately lead to the implementation of 5G technologies in MTS’ network.

Andrey Ushatskiy, Vice President, Technology and IT, Chief Technology and Information Officer, MTS, said: “By working proactively throughout the process of 5G standardization, we will be ready to build first stages of the principally new network that will dramatically change our lives and the role of things around us, and will empower people and horizons of knowledge in all fields -- homes, schools, medicine, science, transport, entertainment and many other areas."

The agreement between Ericsson and MTS involves cooperation in six key areas. First off, the companies will have a joint dialogue with regulators about the use of the spectrum bands being targeted for 5G.

As a stop gap between 4G and 5G the companies will also implement a pilot project throughout 2016, which will combine 4G LTE in the unlicensed 5GHz band with Wi-Fi access points, in order to provide better coverage and capacity.

Ericsson and MTS will also test Ericsson’s Lean Carrier technology, which uses 5G’s lean architecture to optimise the signalling traffic between cells, eliminate interference, simplify network planning and increase data speed.

The two companies will also demonstrate new technologies for the Internet of Things and in 2017 will begin deploying 5G pilot solutions using high-speed data transmission in the 15GHz band.

Following that they will work to construct a test area for the demonstration of 5G technology during the 2018 World Cup.

That could be a huge scale trial, given the sheer number of people likely to be accessing mobile data during the event. If they can pull it off though it could be enormously beneficial. Jeff Travers, Head of Customer Unit MTS, Ericsson Northern Europe and Central Asia, claims that 5G will “revolutionise user experiences in mobile technology during the FIFA World Cup in 2018.”

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