Three has brought 5G to Torquay ahead of any other network

19 July 2022

Three 5G

Residents of Torquay along with its many tourists and other visitors no longer have to make do without 5G, as Three has switched on the speedy technology there, ahead of any other UK network.

It’s not clear exactly when the switch on was, but it’s a relatively recent addition to Three’s 5G coverage page, so presumably 5G hasn’t been available in Torquay for long.

According to the coverage map, Three customers will be able to experience 5G across much of Torquay while outdoors, but indoor coverage is a lot more limited, with only a few areas – such as a large stretch of Windsor Road – offering this at the time of writing.

Still, now that there’s some 5G in place, it hopefully won’t be long before Three’s 5G coverage improves in the area.

Of course, as Three has 5G there, iD Mobile and Smarty will do too, as they use the same infrastructure as Three.

EE's in the area

And EE customers might not be completely out of luck, as while Three is the only major UK network with any significant amount of 5G coverage in Torquay, EE reports a negligible amount of outdoor 5G coverage along the Torquay coastline. Not enough to really consider the place being covered by EE, but the availability of 5G might grow soon.

Three for its part though seems to be going from strength to 5G strength, as along with recently bringing 5G to Torquay, it also expanded its 5G coverage to a number of other places, including parts of Cambridge, Croydon, Inverness, Kilmarnock, and Paisley.

The network has also announced that it now has 56% UK population coverage with 5G, and according to Ookla (the makers of Speedtest), it’s the UK’s fastest 5G network as well. So if 5G is your priority then Three is unlikely to disappoint.

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