Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot is the brand’s first 5G MiFi device

6 January 2022

 Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot.

You’ve been able to get 4G mobile broadband on Vodafone for a long time, but now finally you can also get 5G mobile broadband, as the company has launched the Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot.

This is a rebranded ZTE MU5001, and it has some impressive specs, including the ability to get up to 32 devices connected to 5G (or 4G) all at the same time, and a battery life of up to 8.5 hours.

The Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot also includes a colour touchscreen, and is designed to be simple enough to set up in minutes. Wi-Fi 6 support ensures a speedy and efficient internet connection, and it also includes one Ethernet port and two external antenna ports.

So it’s a full-featured device, and it’s one that Vodafone seems to be marketing in large part at those who run a small business, have a second home, or have a home office, or those who don’t operate their business from a fixed location. Another usage scenario the network highlights is families who work from home and need additional broadband support.

Those use cases all make sense given the large number of devices the Vodafone 5G Mobile Hotspot can get online and its robust battery life, but really anyone who wants to connect a laptop, tablet or other device to the internet at 5G speeds when out and about could benefit massively too.

Fast enough to keep up with you and cheap enough to afford

That sort of speed far outpaces 4G (though you can also use that here when there’s no 5G coverage), and it’s a better option than most public Wi-Fi networks too, so you can download and stream as if you were on a home broadband connection.

If you like the sound of this, Vodafone offers the 5G Mobile Hotspot on a range of contracts, starting at just £10 per month. For that you’d get 4GB of data per month on a 24-month contract, with £250 to pay upfront.

There are also 12-month and 30-day contracts with 4GB of data, and the same durations available with 30GB or unlimited data. Choose a 24-month unlimited plan and you’ll even get the first six months half price, with the price then rising to £15 per month, and there being £100 to pay upfront.

If you plan to use this much at all we’d recommend going for at least 30GB, while really heavy users should always opt for unlimited data.

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