Vodafone has ‘best 5G in London’ and celebrates with innovative ads

23 September 2020

Vodafone 5G London

If you’re in London then you might want to consider Vodafone for 5G. Why? Because the network has been awarded ‘best 5G in London’ by umlaut (a network testing company,) in an independent survey, and to advertise this fact it’s using high-tech technology.

Vodafone has set up digital advertising hoardings highlighting that it offers ‘London’s Best 5G’. But these are no ordinary advertising hoardings, as in a UK out-of-home digital advertising first they use newly-developed technology called Digital Roadblocks to automatically show the advert when London buses (which are emblazoned with the same advert) are nearby.

The hoardings will display Vodafone’s advert for three minutes whenever these Routemaster buses are within two minutes of a relevant bus stop, changing every digital advertising screen within a 200-metre radius.

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Powered by GPS

They’re able to do this by using Transport for London’s (TFL) GPS data to track where buses are and how long they will take to reach each stop. And the digital advertising hoardings are located along famous London streets and next to famous attractions, such as Piccadilly Circus.

We’re not just talking massive billboards either – though they’re certainly part of it. Vodafone’s advert will also appear on digital street hub screens on walkways and converted telephone boxes, so it should be quite a sight.

To see it for yourself, just ride one of the following London bus routes by Sunday, 27th of September:

  • Bus 1: – Route 254
  • Bus 2: – Route 24, 27, 159
  • Bus 3: – Route 67, 73, 253
  • Bus 4: – Route 11, 87
  • Bus 5: – Route 19, 149

But what exactly does offering the best 5G in London mean? Well, according to umlaut, Vodafone shows better 5G data performance than rivals, higher download speeds (for a 5MB file), higher upload speeds (for a 2.5MB file), higher reliability of 5G data services, and faster times when downloading popular live web pages and when starting YouTube videos.

It is however worth emphasising that this is only talking about London, and noting that in reasonably recent tests from RootMetrics it was found that EE had far more 5G availability than Vodafone – in London and elsewhere.

So Vodafone’s claim of being the best might be debatable – depending on who you ask and how you measure it. But regardless, its 5G performance in London sounds strong, and whichever network you’re on we’d expect 5G to continue improving at a rapid rate.

Sub-Editor at 5G.co.uk

James is sub-editor at both 5G.co.uk and TechRadar. Also works as a researcher/ technical writer for 5G.co.uk and several other websites including TechRadar, T3, Smart TV Radar, 3G.co.uk with work on the web, in print and on TV.

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