Vodafone has slashed 5G SIM Only prices in half for 6 months

10 March 2020

Vodafone SIM deals

In a bid to tempt customers, Vodafone has just made its 5G network even more affordable than usual for new or upgrading SIM Only customers, as its 24-month Unlimited Max plan – which gives you full 5G speeds and unlimited data – is now half price for six months.

That brings it down to just £15 per month, though note that the price goes back up to £30 per month for the remaining 18 months after that. Still, across those six months you’ll be saving £90.

The Unlimited Max plan also comes with unlimited minutes and texts, as well as free roaming across 77 destinations – 29 of which are outside Europe. Vodafone (along with VOXI, which it owns) is also the only UK network to offer 5G roaming in select places, so you can enjoy 5G speeds even when abroad.

Unlimited discounts

And if you don’t need all that 5G speed then you can still save money, as Vodafone has the same offer on its Unlimited Lite plan, which is now £11 per month for the first six months, though tops out at 2Mbps speeds, and its Unlimited plan, which is £13 per month for the first six months and tops out at 10Mbps speeds.

Those two, as well as being slower, also only offer free roaming in Europe, so if you have a 5G phone it’s probably worth paying the extra for Unlimited Max, as you get a lot for your money.

Vodafone 5G SIM Only deals

Vodafone 5G is spreading fast

Vodafone’s 5G network is growing rapidly too. It’s currently available in 41 towns and cities across the UK along with 68 in Europe, and those numbers are likely to increase soon. So there’s a good chance you’ll have coverage near you either now or before too long.

And with claimed average download speeds of 150-200Mbps and peak speeds of over 1Gbps on Vodafone’s 5G network, that’s a big upgrade on the 23-35Mbps its 4G service supposedly offers on average.

As an example, with 5G you’ll be able to download a full HD film in around 3 minutes, versus around 15 minutes with 4G. Not bad for £15 per month – though you will of course also need a 5G phone to get those kinds of speeds.

Check Vodafone 5G Coverage

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