Watford and Rickmansworth now have extensive Vodafone 5G coverage

19 April 2022

Vodafone 5g

Along with bringing 5G to Wigan and Golborne, Vodafone has also recently brought 5G to Watford and Rickmansworth, and it’s extensive in both places, showing the network is putting a real focus on 5G coverage in Hertfordshire.

According to Vodafone’s coverage checker you’ll find good 5G coverage both indoors and outdoors across much of Watford, though some areas – such as parts of North Watford – only offer outdoor coverage currently.

In Rickmansworth the situation doesn’t look quite as good, but coverage is still generally strong, with much of the area having both indoor and outdoor 5G.

For comparison, EE’s coverage in both Watford and Rickmansworth appears worse going by its coverage checker, with widespread outdoor 5G, but patchy indoor 5G coverage.

Three’s coverage in Watford is also patchy, with a decent amount of outdoor 5G offered, but not so much indoors, while most parts of Rickmansworth have no Three 5G according to its coverage checker.

And as for O2, that network offers almost zero 5G coverage in Watford and none at all in Rickmansworth according to its coverage checker.

The best in both

So EE is Vodafone’s only real rival in at the time of writing if you care about coverage in both of these places, and Vodafone looks to have the edge. If you’re only concerned about Watford then Three is worth considering too, but again, Vodafone looks to have better 5G coverage there.

Overall Vodafone offers 5G in parts of at least 138 towns and cities, so you’ll be able to get it well beyond these two locations. However, if you’re just looking for the best UK-wide 5G coverage then that’s not necessarily offered by Vodafone.

That’s hard to judge precisely, but Three has 5G in the most locations at 370 towns and cities, so it may well be in the lead. Or perhaps EE is, since EE was the first UK network to launch a 5G service. Of course the most important thing is that there’s 5G where you need it, so we’d recommend using each network’s coverage checker if you’re considering a switch.

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