Three 5G accelerators are coming to ‘solve major problems’

30 March 2020

5g accelerators

We’ve talked a lot about how 5G will do more than just make data faster – it will also bring about new ways of working, new use cases, and generally solve problems in various industries, and – with the help of O2 - three 5G accelerators are being launched to help that happen.

These 5G accelerators are the UK’s first, and they will be launched in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Coventry, by a consortium led by O2, with other members including Deloitte, Wayra and Digital Catapult.

Awarded by West Midlands 5G (WM5G), the 5G accelerator contract will see these three facilities built in centrally-located areas with both offices and demonstration spaces, and they’re designed to provide businesses and entrepreneurs with access to cutting-edge 5G technology.

This will include private 5G networks, enabling organisations to experiment with 5G features that aren’t commercially available yet. There will also be technical support and professional advice, and this is all basically aimed at helping these businesses ‘solve major problems’, through the development and testing of new 5G applications and services.

Suited to all levels of 5G familiarity

However, the accelerators are aimed at all different levels of familiarity with 5G. For companies that are completely new to the tech, there will be the opportunity to get a core understanding of 5G, its benefits, and its possible use cases, along with getting actionable next steps.

While for organisations that are more familiar with 5G, these 5G accelerators can help create technical plans for 5G-enabled products and services, and even help develop brand-new 5G solutions.

At least 2,000 private sector businesses and public sector organisations are expected to benefit from these 5G accelerators in the next five years, and in many cases they’ll be able to use the facilities for free, through sponsored events.

Robert Franks, Managing Director at WM5G, said: “The West Midlands has a proud heritage leading the previous industrial revolution. Through the 5G accelerators that we’re launching in partnership with O2 and its consortium, our region is in prime position to lead the next industrial revolution.”

The big challenge faced by these 5G accelerators right now of course is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has largely shut the UK down.

On that note, WM5G claims that along with its consortium members it is reviewing exactly how it will launch these 5G accelerator facilities to businesses, but the process is likely to include remote access options. More information on this should be available from WM5G soon.

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