EE 5G has come to Stirling and Southend ahead of rivals

5 June 2020

EE 5G network

All four major UK networks are now rolling out their 5G services, but they’re all at different stages, and the places they’re focusing on can be very different, with EE having just become the first network to offer 5G in Stirling and Southend-on-Sea.

This push into these significant urban areas is part of larger 5G progress from EE, which saw its total 5G UK coverage reach 80 towns and cities, as we reported on recently.

Southend On Sea

Its coverage in Southend-on-Sea appears to be stronger than in Stirling though. Currently you should get good outdoor coverage across most of the former, according to EE’s coverage checker, including at Southend Central station, and much of the sea front, with coverage becoming patchier around Prittlewell and Southchurch.


In Stirling meanwhile, EE claims to offer weak outdoor 5G coverage in much of the centre, with 5G coverage disappearing around parts of Dumbarton road and some other areas. So there’s certainly room for improvement, but EE’s 5G network has grown rapidly, so we wouldn’t be surprised if coverage gets better in these regions soon.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of Three, Vodafone and O2 soon join EE in offering coverage there, though their priorities might equally be elsewhere. Vodafone for example recently became the first UK network to offer 5G in Portsmouth and Southampton.

Overall, all the networks seem to be doing a good job of bringing 5G to the UK. While EE is in the lead with 80 locations at least partially covered, Three is close behind with 68, followed by Vodafone with 44, and then O2 with 30. And Vodafone additionally offers 5G in many locations abroad, which rivals don’t yet.

So if there’s no 5G where you are yet, there likely will be soon on at least one network unless you live somewhere really rural, in which case there could still be quite a wait. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Stirling or Southend-on-Sea and want to take advantage of EE’s upgrades, head over to our 5G phones page to hunt out a compatible handset and to our 5G Sims page to compare 5G SIM deals.

5G Coverage Checker

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