Does the iPhone SE support 5G?

and Saf Malik
21 September 2021

iPhone SE2

The iPhone SE is an exciting phone in a lot of ways, offering a compact 4.7-inch screen (ideal for those who don’t want a big phone), top-end power, a great single-lens camera, and coming in at what’s by Apple’s standards a very low price. So there’s a lot to recommend about it.

But with 5G networks rapidly growing across the UK, you might understandably be wondering if the iPhone SE supports them, and we’ve got the answer.

Does the iPhone SE support 5G?

No, the iPhone SE doesn’t support 5G. So if you buy the iPhone SE you’ll be stuck with 4G speeds. This perhaps isn’t surprising or unreasonable though when you consider that the iPhone SE 2020 starts at just £389, which is a lower price than the vast majority of 5G handsets on the market today. 

Do any iPhones have 5G?

The iPhone 12 series was released in October 2020 and became the first range of Apple devices to support 5G connectivity and included the:

The iPhone 13 series will also, unsurprisingly support 5G connectivity. The smartphone vendor unveiled its latest batch of flagship devices n September 14, 2021 which included the:

All 5G-compatible devices are available to buy from EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone

When will Apple launch a 5G-compatible iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE 2020 was one of Apple's most popular devices of the year. Global research company Omdia revealed it was the second most-shipped device of 2020, behind the iPhone 11. 

While the iPhone SE does not yet support 5G connectivity, several reports indicate that Apple could release a 5G-compatible SE device in early 2022. 

Apple has remained tight-lipped over the potential release of another budget 5G device, but fans of the iPhone SE should be optimistic, given recent reports of a potential Spring Apple event. 

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