Huawei’s indoor 5G LampSite hardware has just won a big award

26 February 2020

5G lampsite get award

Huawei has been using its 5G LampSite for years now, and has installed it on a large scale in more than 20,000 buildings across the world, bringing indoor 5G and 4G to them, and now it’s being rewarded, as it has just won the iF Design Award at the 2020 iF International Industrial Design Forum.

In fact, this isn’t even the first time the Huawei LampSite family has won the award, having previously got it at last year’s show too.

The award was handed out due to the LampSite’s “consistent high-quality design, high level of integration, and simplified, intuitive installation experience.”

Solving 5G problems

We’ve also covered the LampSite a couple of times before because it’s a notable piece of hardware, one that helps solve one of 5G’s biggest issues: indoor coverage.

You see, the high frequency spectrum used for 5G isn’t good at passing through walls, so dedicated solutions can be preferable or even necessary for indoor coverage, and the Huawei LampSite is one such solution.

The 5G LampSite supports both 5G and 4G, as well as both CAT6A Ethernet and fibre-optic transmission, all in a single compact box that’s less than two litres in dimension.

Marvin Chen, President of Huawei DIS Product Line, said: "We are very glad that Huawei's 5G LampSite design is recognized in the industry. Excellent industrial design enables networks to be perfectly adapted into an urban environment, and this is important for the entire industry to increase the willingness of property owners to open up site resources.”

The awards won by the Huawei LampSite family demonstrate how important this and other Huawei tech is to mobile networks, which is why it’s probably a good thing that the UK government is allowing Huawei to play a limited role in 5G roll outs.

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